Have you ever wanted to tell the parent of one of your students...

That you just appreciate the extra work they put into their children? That you appreciate the way they help their children study? That their child has improved so much in their class work, as well as their student relations? Well now you can.

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Parent Grams allowed me an easy way to keep my students parents informed. I love it.

Ms. Smith Teacher

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Yearly Pricing

Student Enrollment Price Cost Per Student
0-601 650.00 1.08
601-1000 800.00 1.33/.80
1001-1400 1,000.00 1.00/.71
1401-1800 1,100.00 .79/.61
1801-2200 1,200.00 .67/.55
2201-2600 1,300.00 .59/.50
2601-3000 1,400.00 .54/.47
3001-3500 1.500.00 .50/.43
3501-4000 1,600.00 .46/.40

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